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Since mtwiscool has been bugging me to do a review, here goes. 32mb.club is a new service started by the famous mtwiscool, with the goal of offering 32mb’s of RAM for $2 a year. The service is hosted on a Kimsufi with NAT’d IPv4, and a dedicated IPv6 address per VPS provided through a HE tunnel. Payment is only possible with bitcoin or amazon giftcards, and I feel that this is the main downside to the service.

I would class this service as fine for playing around, and I do not think it would be possible to find a production use for this service, and not just due to the low specs. The owner of this host, mtwiscool, does not have a very positive reputation and has several posts on LET that seem to support this. His thread about starting this service can also be found here on vpsboard, and I suggest reading some of these comments before purchasing so you know what you are buying. This is also a one man show, so be sure to have backups!

I have had my two VPS’s with 32mb.club for little over a month, and although these are performing fine right now, I suspect this is because the node is underloaded. As with Kimsufi, there is no RAID on these nodes, and only a 100mbit port. Disk speed is fine for the price, however the VPS’s are using ploop so posting a dd test would be useless. For the price of this service, no RAID and and sharing the node with 500 others is fine. Kimsufi’s anti DDoS is also included.

The downsides to this service would have to be the lack of PayPal, tunneled IPv6 and no IRC being allowed, the reason being “OVH TOS”, of which I find no mention of IRC being banned. I’ve asked what others think of 32mb.club, and have had positive feedback so far!

<linuxthefish> is 32mb.club good?
<linuxthefish> mtwiscool wants me to write a review
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